THE B.C. BUTCHER – The world’s first prehistoric slasher film!

1150297_381258315311261_863061941_nIf there’s one thing I get a lot of, it is requests to share new crowdfunding campaigns for independent film productions. I try to help when I can, usually by spreading the word on Twitter and Facebook, but rarely do I take the time to type up a post about them. (Mainly because there are so many projects started up daily; it’d be impossible to keep up.)

With that being said, you must really be curious about the film I’m about to discuss today: THE B.C. BUTCHER. I was contacted by the young lady (17-year old “Kansas Bowling”) who is directing the film, and what she had to say blew me away.

THE B.C. BUTCHER is to be the world’s first prehistoric slasher film (MEMORIAL VALLEY MASSACRE doesn’t count!), which already makes it a must-see in my book. Filmed on 16MM film (!!!!), the movie takes place hundreds of millions of years ago, where a clique of cute cavegirls is stalked and killed by a vengeful creature.

If the opening scene is any indication (watch the video below), this is going to be a fun addition to the slasher sub-genre. The film promises plenty of gore, including amputations and decapitations, buff men in loincloths (a little something for the ladies for a change), psychedelic dream sequences, and a soundtrack (and live performance) by The Ugly Kids.

And the film is being narrated by… Kadeem Hardison?! Dwayne Wayne from A DIFFERENT WORLD? Say whaaat?!


If you’ve got a little spare cash kicking around, why not help fund THE B.C. BUTCHER?! The director has just under two months left to raise the projected (and rather modest) amount of $10,400 (most of which is going to buy the 16mm filmstock), and there’s various perks to being a funder. Plus, you’ll be part of film history as well, since again, this is the first genre film of its kind!

CLICK HERE for more info on the movie and to see what sort of perks you can get if you donate a few bucks or more! CLICK HERE to visit the THE B.C. BUTCHER Facebook page for updates on the film’s progress, and to check out a bunch of behind-the-scenes photos!

This production has garnered my curiosity; I’m definitely going to be a keeping an eye on this. Stay tuned for more updates on THE B.C. BUTCHER as it fights its way into existence!

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      You are welcome! I’ll be in touch soon with those interview questions I promised!